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Ok this will be my first blog. I have been a big fan of the blogs but never had one myself so bear with me. I have some topics that will actually motivate me into posting on this blog. I am hesitant to do a blog because more often than not my thoughts are reserved for my friends and fam. I am also critical of my self and having a blog would be an exercise in self torture. So with all of that in mind here we go … Please let me know if I start taking this and or myself too seriously. Lord Xenu knows we can’t have that.

What is this blog going to be about?

I have read several definitions for blogging and the one that I like the best is about having a conversation. So I will try to leave it at that, however open ended that is. I figure that will give me some room to move around in this blogosphere.

Let’s get down to brass tacks here and mix some metaphorical thought pudding!

Right now I have been digesting a few articles about new technology in the automotive industry. Mainly about alternative fuel and higher efficiency. If you get bored easily I advise you to skip the next couple paragraphs. One site that I have been following lately is AutoblogGreen, a spin off of a great site Autoblog. Both sites are great and as far as I can tell they aren’t biased. Let me rephrase that, they are biased against stupidity, mismanagement and all things that don’t pertain to the automobile.

There is a great story here about a new engine that uses compressed air from the exhaust in the same way an electric hybrid runs off of the charge created from the engine. They claim it will reduce emissions by 80%.

Ok I am not very schooled in the world of engineering but I read this article and thought I might have stumbled on a magic solution that might change the current supply and demand problem. Am I naive?

My ultimate frustration today is with our politicians and how they are messing around with ethanol and reformulated gas.
Ed Wallace wrote a great article detailing the current problem with ethanol. Among many points he cites the EPA admitting to a federal judge that in fact ethanol will increase smog not reduce it.

So do people care? Are we apathetic until gas hits $3 a gallon?


2 responses to “Newbie Blog

  1. 1. What is the significance of the ape pic on your blog?

    2. Ethanols smog properties are bad. However, might they be made up by the positive economic benefits of American farmers and ranchers growing and producing ethanol instead of sending our $ to the Middle East and Socialist Venezuella?

  2. Derek,

    1. No significance, just a reminder not to take this/myself too seriously.

    2. I think ethanol is not a viable product as E85 fuel. Brazil uses sugar cane that yields 8 times more per unit than corn. I don’t know if in the next 5 years we will still be using E85. I like spending more money domestically via corn fuel but if that in turn yields 20-40% less fuel economy at the same price then I am out. I read an article about some MIT students and faculty that made a carburetor that mixed the ethanol with gas to produce a super efficient burn, 100 mpg. They had a separate 2 gallon tank for the ethanol that would only need to be refilled once every two months. I think that is a smarter approach.

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