Horses at Chaco


Most of the Photographs I have taken happen while driving down back roads in the west. While on my way to Chaco Canyon I happened upon this sunset with some grazing horses. My friend and I were taking a week long camping and fishing trip. Our first stop was Chaco Canyon in New Mexico. We got off late on our trip and ended up pulling of NM44 right when the sun was setting. I was using my nikon N90 with Fuji slide film. I was rushing to get this shot, the light was changing and the horses were walking a few paces and grazing. I felt lucky to get the horses framed with the light like it was. Chaco Canyon is a great place to hike. Very hot and if you bring your dog like I did expect to deal with sore paws from the hot sand.


7 responses to “Horses at Chaco

  1. My god….that is actually an awesome pic!!!!

    well done. I somehow am never able to find good sunsets when I have a camera…and when I do, I happen to be without one


  2. Thank you…

    I have burned so much film trying to get a decent reproduction of a sunset. Not easy. The key to this photo was bracketing the exposure. Sometimes I will shoot something 1/2 stop underexposed to get better blues.

  3. what a brilliant frame you shared with us. dramatic composition and contrast. awesome work!


  4. excellent photograph… you gotta keep that camera with you all the time, man, or get a smaller camera…. easy for me to say. keep posting your shots.

  5. Really cool photo! I’ve been looking at your portfolios and they’re great too.

  6. Nice one! You make fellow film SLR shooters,like myself proud!

    Keep it up…Looking forward to more of your interesting posts.

  7. Thanks everybody.

    Glad you like the posts.

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