Snake near Buffalo Jump

Snake near Buffalo Jump

This was taken near a place called Madison Buffalo Jump in Montana. I was driving down a dirt road watching the light hit the long prairie grass making it fire orange. Periodically I would glance back at the road to make sure I was still on it. On one of those glances I saw this 6 foot rattler crossing the road right between my tires. I stopped and slapped on the telephoto lens and shot a few rolls. It was kinda cold so he was moving slow which gave me plenty of time to get this shot. Madison Buffalo Jump was named for a hilltop that was used by the indians to herd buffalo off of and then harvest the wounded or dead ones left below.


4 responses to “Snake near Buffalo Jump

  1. whoa!! nice snap and looks like a pretty close shot…is it?

  2. Thanks!

    With my telephoto it was about 6-8 feet away.

  3. There is a certain beauty to snakes, but they leave me cold, for I have quite a fear of them. I suppose it is a healthy respect, for in most areas, I’m not really a fearful person. I love the light in that picture.



  4. I like your photos, especially the one of the horses. Welcome to the blog world.


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