Canoe on Beach


Brazil is a great place to visit. They have some of the most beautiful beaches and the nicest people. This photo was taken while I was walking along a beach in Bahia. I was staying in a small fishing village on a river that emptied into the atlantic. Fisherman.jpgMost local fishermen use these canoes to fish the delta for robalo. They use fishing line on a spool and a hook with a weight, no rod. The fishermen will row up to the beach and sell their catch then head back out. They sleep when they can and live by the tide. One of the best meals I have ever had was grilled red snapper prepared right there on the beach. The first trip I took to Bahia someone was able to trick this gringo into eating a fish eye. I hope that’s the last one I ever eat.


4 responses to “Canoe on Beach

  1. The canoe picture is gorgeous!

  2. yes…I luv this too. Btw..thanks for leaving a comment at my blog. Good luck with this….will come back and keep checking it out. And have linked you on my blog.

  3. What did you do to get that incredible sky?! Truly amazing shot top to bottom. I grew up in Hawaii so I have always had an affinity for beach cultures. I wish I could go spear fishing in some warm water location at least once a week! Funny story about the fish eye. The locals in Japan also find it good sport to try to get their American guests to eat weird things (things Japanese admit they would never touch!) like intestine soup among others.

  4. Karmagroovy,

    I used a polarizing filter to make the sky deep blue. Also the fuji slide film helps too.

    I imagine the Japanese would have a lot more weird things to eat over there…

    Thanks everyone for the comments!

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