Ode to Noche


Ode to Noche

Had 5 owners before me

Pound puppy with separation an issue

Travel buddy helped me get a bear in a tree

This August he turns 14 got him when he was 2

Bane to the squirrels

75lb lapdog



5 responses to “Ode to Noche

  1. they are something special, aren’t they? I had a golden retriever who was the nicest person I ever met, lost her this March suddenly to a tumour. very sad, Diamond was only 9. I still have her younger brother, Shakespeare, the wonder dog, part dog-fish.

  2. What a precious boy!!!! Just wanted you to know that I am lurking around on here time to time. It looks really great. Maybe Sam will grow up to be as good of a human/dog as Noche!

  3. Thanks Smootens! You’re the best!!!

  4. cool looking dog! and nice shot 🙂

  5. Hey… I want a print of Noche!!!!!!!!!!! Give me give me give me.
    This is my new favorite.

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