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Hello guys and gals! I will be turning this post over to a guest blogger today. He wants everyone who is interested to read the following link for a bit of back-story before delving into his post. So if you are willing to get a little political and get your read on then let’s get on with it!

Hum this song as you read the following paragraph

What A Difference A Day Makes

What a difference a day makes

Twenty-four little hours

Brought the sun and the flowers

Where there used to be rain

Yesterday in the news from the White House, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi’s was killed during an air strike from two 500 lbs bombs. Now Zarqawi died as a result of the attack; after being found alive by Iraqi Police, rolling off his stretcher, given “medical attention”, mumbled “a little something”, and then died shortly thereafter. Did Mel Brooks write this account? Well this time it took only a day for our “intelligence” to kick in and do a re-write of the story. I tip my hat to Chief of Staff Mr. Bolten for getting Rummy out of his old habits, you would think Mr. Bolten is Rummy’s Sponsor of Little White Lie Anonymous. Chenny it’s your turn next, off to the Grand Jury or witness stand for your Bob Barker neutered lap dog Libby Scooter. My guess October is when The I Spy…..Kennel show gets underway. RE: Iraqi and Afghanistan [Shhhhhh….it’s the forgotten war and warriors], To The United States Government and our Military Leadership: “When if ever, will we ever, tell the story right, the first with confidence [ Say that ten times fast]. Or does our need to “re-correct” the “re-invented” history of the War in Iraqi need to be elevated to the theater of the absurd? Our Governments method of conducting itself internationally, was behavior only seen from the former USSR; comparing our now actions in Iraqi to the USSR? Yes. Remember there was a time it was “Better Dead than Red” and now we have “Red States”. Lovely. I think this al-Zarqawi’s thing is a change for the good, we came clean and said this is what really happened 24 hours ago. Get caught up, before you get the facts of a story and the story gets in front of the facts and you end up with Jessica Lynch, Patrick Tillman as “National Heroes” to cover up what the real story was behind the truth that becomes the story of Little White Lies.

Point of Factoid: And we are not at war.

  • The United Staes hasn’t been at War for almost 60 years.
  • The last formal Declaration of War ended 10 February 1947 with the
    Paris Peace Treaty.
  • What we are currently engaged in is a Military Engagement, God know
    we’re ot Nation Building, and we have had many of those more of these than
    the former.
  • It’ not sexy to say the Military Engagement against Terrorism.
  • If we were at War you would see these people and know them by name:General of the Army, General of the Air force, Fleet Admiral

You cannot not name them because they don’t exist in [use heavy re-verb] THE WAR AGAINST TERRORISM!

A Qinn Martin Production
Act One: I used to smoke’em out ’til I quit.

Gen. Lee Speaking


14 responses to “Guest Blogger added to the mix

  1. Dude are you like a “Marse Robert” General Robert E Lee enthusiast or what? Thanks Dude.

  2. We have 30+ cook off teams. Over 2,000 General Public expected. It’s the freakin Uncle Fletch Hamburger Cookoff at the Lake Athens Marina. Did you know they invented the freakin hamburger in Athens, Texas? Hamburg Deusthland beware.

  3. Hey Quacker, Try to stay on topic…

  4. Does GW Bush care more about what’s best for the Saudi regime and Israel than what’s best for America?

  5. Gen. Lee Speaking

    Watch this happen:

    Al Gore transforms himself into the new Dick Nixon — As The Comeback Automatron.

    Marse Robert enthusiat?

    You’ve been watching too many Benson episodes on TV LAND.

    [read following Memo in best John Wayne Voice]

    ATTN: Cap’n E. Coli
    SUB: Operation Hamburger

    There is suspicion on who and where the Hamburger was invented. I always thought it was Frank and Charles Menches of Ohio. Yet, Cleveland Ohio lays claim to something called Skyline Chili??!!??? Which I have had It’s such a strange sort of chili it’s like compairing Tex Mex Chili to Sweedish Meatballs and gravy.

    So if Texas, who lays claim to all things big and beef, then I guess the winner is…..Fletcher Davis of Athens TX. “Old Dave” is only one of the many and I do mean many baby daddies/inventors of the Hamburger, it’s history reads like a Springer episode.

    Regardless, as boring and as beige as the plain ol hambuger is; it’s Lionel Sternberger of Pasadena CA who gave the hamburger its personality, as often the gift to the world from Southern California, Cheese [ thank you I’m here all week].

    Dis-regard the player haters from Highland Park who say otherwise about the cheese.


    Gen. Lee Speaking

  6. Generally Speaking that makes perfect sense. Texas and/or Ohio invented the Hamburger. But it took California to make it “cool” with the whiole Cheesburger upgrade.

  7. I heard different, I heard Wisconsin added the cheese!


  8. I always heard that despite varied rumurs, and a vast mis-information campaign, the cheese was actually first added to the ‘Bergher de Ham’ in Saarbrucken exactly 19 years, 19 months, 19 days, 19 hours, 19 minutes, and 19 seconds after the ‘hamburger’ was invented. Spooky, aye?

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