Pop Quiz


How many people out there can guess the state where this photo was taken. I can’t offer much of a prize for the winner but I can offer you the implied appreciation and inherent winner status from this blog. Good Luck!


13 responses to “Pop Quiz

  1. Arizona?

  2. Looks like Cali.

  3. Gen. Lee Speaking

    Somewhere in Texas.

  4. Great pic! I don’t know where it is the place, but I find so cool the light and the stones and the moon. Is it an archaeological site?

  5. It is not an archaeological site. Just a rock formation.

    Clue; it is a Laccolith.

  6. I forgot to tell everyone when I would post the answer…

    Tueday morning

  7. I refrained from googling it… Somewhere in the southwest, I don’t know. Great light and angle, a natural stonehenge

  8. What’s a laccolith? I’ll google it…

    My guess is Oklahoma maybe New Mexico.

  9. My guess is Nevada. No prizes, what gives?

  10. texas.

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