From The Fox Hole 6.22.06

Date: 22 June 2006 Thursday

From: General Lee Speaking
Re: From The Fox Hole

From time to time I will send communiqués listed Re: From the Fox Hole. What comes from the Fox Hole? Something you may or may not have heard of, may or may not agree with, regardless it comes from out there beyond the safe digs of one’s domicile.

A car, an engine, a blow torch which runs on water and doesn’t burn your hand.


Mad Cow out of the barn:

Now put on your thinking caps: ” Remember when Canada had their first mad cow out-break? It was the news for a couple of weeks non-stop, “Oh my God the humanity, and on the cover of every major magazine we saw MAD COW IN AMERICA? and the US refused to import Canadian beef, do you remember?”

Then the US had an outbreak and it was like ” Well, no worries, Uncle Sam has it covered, so keep chewing.” And as a kid is to the teat we never looked up.

Now Mad Cow has been reported in the United States for the first time as Spontaneous:

One version of the story

Now the other version of the same story

Now ask yourself, since when has Mad Cow not been something we do not talk about?

Answer: The moment Mad Cow started to appear in the United States, is the moment Mad Cow ceased to be a story.

Copy That.

Gen. L. Speaking


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