Ethanol Production and Water Demand.


Water demand for ethanol production causes concern.

Eyebrows definitely rose when city planners in Illinois and Iowa realized that approximately 300 million gallons of water would be needed in the production of 100 million gallons of ethanol yearly. Both states are major producers of the alternative fuel at No. 2 and No. 1 respectively.

But scientists reassured state and city governments that while the demand is high, neither will affect state supplies. They point to Chicago, which uses 500 million gallons daily from Lake Michigan. The Illinois cities of Champaign and Urbana, where a nearby ethanol plant is proposed, use 23 million gallons of water daily. The Mahomet Aquifer in Illinois is estimated to contain 13 trillion gallons, more than enough to meet the demands of proposed ethanol plants as well as the needs of the various farms, homes, and industries. Ethanol supporters state corn shortages are more likely to decrease ethanol production than lack of water. Still, ethanol producers acquiesced to do more studies on aquifer supplies to continue the construction of ethanol plants in the cities. -[Source: Associated Press via Detroit News]

Ok at what point does the MSM start addressing the ethanol E85 scam that is being pulled buy our politicians and agrigiant corporations. I am not talking about E10 which most urban dwellers are already using and don’t even know it. I am dumbfounded buy our E85 fixation. A few facts: 20 -30 % less efficient, creates more smog, uses more water, saps the transportation infrastructure resulting in a supply decrease and as a corn derivative will never be produced without affecting the prices of other food products.

Update: It would take 1,215 gallons of water per acre of corn for the conversion process. The yield per acre of corn to ethanol is 405 gallons. That’s per year. So how much would it take to run our country for just one day on ethanol? Here are the numbers, 32,035,500 gallons of ethanol or 791,000 acres of corn, 96,106,500 gallons of water and that is just to process it to ethanol. We still have not touched the amount of water it takes to grow it. So for the yearly amount of water required for an ethanol only market is 34,982,766,000. 35 BILLION gallons of water!


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