From the Fox Hole 7-03-06

MFA [ My. Fellow. Americans]

Compared to other countries, The United States is an environmental bulimic.

We binge consume energy at a rate considerable higher than anyone else and we vomit waste in the form of pollution and look around to see if anyone saw us pull the trigger. Albeit, we are the worlds leading GNP and we “need” the energy, I do get it, take in our debt and that becomes another conversation all together regarding our GNP, however we are wasteful.

We are on a “War footing” but there is no ration of energy consumption, no far reaching recycling in general, especially of plastics, which reduces our dependency on oil. If ever, in our time we could implement energy consumption control, it would be now the excuse, we are fighting terrorism. We need to conserve our consumption of energy and recycle our waste for the “war footing” effort, sacrifice, save a little, slow it down a touch and we control the price of oil.

This will not happen. Ever.

To do so would leave the oil, gas, rail and whomever else supports the energy business out in the cold, losing money because the consumer has choices other than the aforementioned.

We, the United States export most of our services or outsource manufacturing to other countries, global warming would be a boon for the economy. More jobs, new jobs, high tech jobs, tech schools, and these jobs would stay in the US because we would to use the end product and sell the excess to the world.

Global warming is real

The United States is stuck on stupid for reasons of policy. The science is clear the earth is warming, blaming, to Kyoto or not to Kyoto is simply the shiny ball on the floor of Congress used to delay action through debate. Though not a perfect document, Kyoto is a start for an environment that can support us as a species.

People get so caught up in the policy of a thing — “IT must have more of X” or “IT must have less of Y” If you believe in X then you are “liberal” if you believe in Y then you are a “conservative.” Then nothing changes. We wonder is it a cycle, the “hundred year” event [again, and again], or is it the beginning of a larger change as the frequency in strange weather becomes more intense.

Imagine, of all great civilizations which fell, most disintegrated from within before the far lesser conquer spilled over the capital gates and ended the epoch of [insert civilization]. And the future studies, how did that happen, didn’t they see it happening, why would that do THAT??!!! And PHD’s in History are given out for the study of all things historical.

What if our great civilization, The United States, were to be felled by our own hands? .

Who should conquer us? Not a people but our physical world. The only country in world history who had command over the four ordinal points of the globe, The United States, should choose as an opponent it could not ever conquer— Earth.

Arrogance of our past exploits, and the self importance of who we have become, all knowing. In our science, in our omniscience of what God wants if God should even want at all and calling it “intelligent design”, to having the world submit to our language, we as a nation chose our own path independent of all. And there we go unattached to the planet as long as we get ours.

Look at Kyoto as this, an environmental democratic document. And before the onslaught of “IT’s not a democratic document”; then really consider history as a contiguous start of being ruled by the people. We as a species are changing, we are Human and are related genetically first before any other Proper Noun to describe us, we all have been impacted by our related history, this time all of us are changing the environment. Kyoto is not perfect.

If every document created had a perfect beginning, why are there over 50 Bibles, Why are there amendments to the US Constitutions, why do laws differ from state to state, why are there many sects of Judaism or of Muslims, why do most cultures have a “Tree of Life” as the integral part of God’s creation? Different beliefs and yet one thing doesn’t change we are still Human and live on Earth.

We, as a species are of one home, Earth. What defines us is the history we all share and during this epoch The United States is History, all others are footnotes [ sorry but it is true ]. The responsibility our nation to History, is to leave this Earth whole so another culture has opportunity at Civilization and not destroy the Earth in spite, so no other could ever be called greater than U.S..

Homer’s Atlantis destroyed itself from a light ray, how fitting by another name, a light ray is still the sun.

General Lee Speaking of course


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