It’s Sunday morning and I am shaking my Head


I just watched Meet the Press and I couldn’t keep from gagging the entire time Bill Richardson was talking. He was claiming that the Clinton administration was successful dealing with North Korea. SUCCESSFUL! What? He went one to say that the deal that they had, which was later broken buy the North Koreans, was a success. He went one to claim that another example of the diplomatic prowess of the Clinton administration was that they almost had a missile deal with NK. What? What? What? He went on to say we should drop multilateral talks and focus on bilateral talks with NK. WHAT!? So how would this help us? How would kicking our allies and local interested parties out of the talks with NK make the situation better?

I am no fan of how Bush is handling Iraq. He isn’t being very consistent with this issue either. He said early in his first term that a nuclear NK will not be tolerated now he is saying this is a complex issue and will take time to resolve. I do not claim to know how to fix the problem with NK or Iran. We can look at previous failures, the Clinton diplomacy with NK, and deduce what hasn’t worked in the past. I sure hope Bill Richardson doesn’t run for President.


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