Should we allow more off-shore drilling?

Congress thinks of allowing more oil-prospecting off America’s coasts.

The Economist has a story about the possible effects. [Link]

I thought the following was an interesting bit of info…

Lobbyists for the industry retort that there has been no big leak from an offshore well since 1969. (Tankers, such as the Exxon Valdez, are another story.) They point to a study by the National Academy of Sciences that attributed 62% of the oil found in seawater to natural seepage, 32% to leaks from shipping and run-off from land, 4% to spills from oil tankers and around 1% to faulty offshore rigs and pipelines. Even during last year’s hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico, the big spills were from storage tanks onshore, not offshore facilities.

1% of all oil seepage is from offshore drilling and pipelines. Does this make it easier to convince people to allow off-shore drilling?


16 responses to “Should we allow more off-shore drilling?

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