Richardson Shows love for Bloggers

From the Albuquerque Journal [link]

The New Mexico Gov is spreading the love to the PJ media but will the MSM get jealous?

A number of blogs promoting Richardson as a 2008 presidential contender have popped up in cyberspace. And one expert said Monday that courting bloggers is a good way for a presidential hopeful to create a buzz among the types of people who often read politics blogs: Politics junkies and journalists.

So is this the first sign that the 2008 Richardson campaign is trying to gain a little ground early with the blogosphere? My guess is that this fluff piece is going to be one of many and a year from now the coverage will be all about how this candidates uses this method and this one is growing a grass roots blogging machine… Once the MainStreamMedia catches on to an angle it will ride it until the horse is decrepit and stiff. It is about time they started to come up with new ideas right? So why not piggy back on the blogosphere. Let’s see where they take this one. I think the Gov is the first to kiss this new baby for the 2008 election and low and behold his staff is getting the pub to go with it. I don’t agree with all of the Gov’s policies but he would be a better face of the democratic party than Hillary or Dean.

So should we come up with a new term for pandering to the bloggers? Panblogerring? no… Blogandering? no….

Any Suggestions?


One response to “Richardson Shows love for Bloggers

  1. Interesting site. Love the photography

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