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Southeast Brazil


I took these photos while staying at a small farm in the souther part of the state of Minas Gerais. I wish I could have stayed longer. Got to know a small town and was amazed at how hospitable everyone was. We would walk into a restaurant and the owner would just give away the meat he was grilling. There was also a nearby farm that made the best cachaca (pronounced cashasa) I have ever had. That alone justifies another trip back!


Sunday Open Blogathy


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Sunset, Belo Horizonte Brazil


In Brazil, Unpaved Path to Excellence


RIO DE JANEIRO, June 24 — How does Brazil do it? Year after year, World Cup after World Cup, soccer stars seem to roll out of here like cars off a factory assembly line.

First came the generation of Pelé, Garrincha, Tostão and Rivelino, followed by Zico, Falcão and Socrates. Since the mid-1990’s, Romário, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho and now Kaká, Adriano and Robinho have further burnished Brazil’s reputation for unmatched excellence. To the average fan around the world, Brazilian soccer appears to be a powerful, well-oiled machine.

But those who know it best are aware that the reality is far more complicated, that the country’s record five World Cup championships are more a result of popular passion for the beautiful game, as it is often called here, than of any organized apparatus that methodically finds and develops players.

“There is no system in Brazil,” said Carlos Roberto de Oliveira, who, playing as Roberto Dinamite, was a member of the Brazilian national team in the 1970’s and early 1980’s. “Everything happens on a random, haphazard basis.”

–Read the rest of the article at the New York Times.



This photo was taken a few years ago while walking through the streets of a colonial town in Brazil. I spend several days just walking down back alleys and side streets looking for good shots. This wall just popped out at me with the sun setting and casting a yellow light on this corner wall.

Just Hanging Out


These guys were just hanging out while I was looking for things / people to take pictures of. This was taken in a fishing village in Bahia Brazil. I think they are fishermen and are waiting for the tide to change or maybe for their lunch.Like most Brazilians they think lunch should be the big meal and usually go home to eat with their family. I like how guy standing up looks like I just caught him off guard.

Tiradentes Cross


This Cross getting hit by the sunset is in front of a church perched on top of one of the hills in Tiradentes . It’s a small town only 6-7 thousand people. They have some of the best food and coolest pousadas. My wife and I spent a weekend there and wish we could’ve stayed longer. I like to compare it to what Santa Fe was 150 years ago except with most modern creature comforts. Most restaurants still cook on open fire stoves and if you get lucky enough to get involved in a cachasa discussion, more often than not you will be obligated judge many samples. Most Brazilians have their favorite cachasa or their families have a farm that makes it. One bottle that was offered to me had a caju fruit inside the bottle. They had place the bottle over the fruit when it was tiny and later when ripe they cut it and filled the bottle with their families cachasa. They let it age for a year and on Christmas night they passed it around. Very good and very strong. It tastes like if rum and tequila had a love child.