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A Strategic Assessment of the Hizballah War: Defeating the Iranian-Syrian Axis in Lebanon…[link]


Ethanol, Field of Schemes


From Ed Wallace, Fort Worth Startelegram [link]

 “Why is ethanol ten to twelve cents more per gallon? Why am I getting taken twice?” — Steve Kirkpatrick, corn farmer, Cedar County, Iowa (Sioux City Journal,July 4, 2006)

…It tickles me that the quote that started this column came from America’s Heartland. Iowa corn farmer Steve Kirkpatrick is infuriated that he’s not making any extra money growing corn to fulfill our ethanol mandate. Yet E10, the same ethanol/gas mixture we use here in the Metroplex, is now selling for more money than regular (non-ethanol-enhanced) gasoline in Iowa. That’s ironic, considering that Iowa is an ocean of corn islanded with ethanol refineries.
Typical of the American ability to blame someone else, the Iowa Renewable Fuels Association’s Lucy Norton claimed the rising price of E10 in Iowa on East Coast distribution problems. That, of course, does not explain ethanol’s high price in Iowa; the distribution there, from cornfield to refinery to gas station, can encompass as little as 10 driving miles.
The best irony? Farmers using E10 ethanol are also complaining that they also get lower gas mileage than they did without it. To which I reply: “Welcome to the new reality and mess created by Congress, a mess that Iowa farmers also lobbied to make.”

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Richardson Shows love for Bloggers

From the Albuquerque Journal [link]

The New Mexico Gov is spreading the love to the PJ media but will the MSM get jealous?

A number of blogs promoting Richardson as a 2008 presidential contender have popped up in cyberspace. And one expert said Monday that courting bloggers is a good way for a presidential hopeful to create a buzz among the types of people who often read politics blogs: Politics junkies and journalists.

So is this the first sign that the 2008 Richardson campaign is trying to gain a little ground early with the blogosphere? My guess is that this fluff piece is going to be one of many and a year from now the coverage will be all about how this candidates uses this method and this one is growing a grass roots blogging machine… Once the MainStreamMedia catches on to an angle it will ride it until the horse is decrepit and stiff. It is about time they started to come up with new ideas right? So why not piggy back on the blogosphere. Let’s see where they take this one. I think the Gov is the first to kiss this new baby for the 2008 election and low and behold his staff is getting the pub to go with it. I don’t agree with all of the Gov’s policies but he would be a better face of the democratic party than Hillary or Dean.

So should we come up with a new term for pandering to the bloggers? Panblogerring? no… Blogandering? no….

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From the Fox Hole 7-16-06




I could never understand this:  Clinton’s  action in Somalia was seen as a failure see [ BLACK HAWK DOWN].  It was, as no one thought we couldn’t see Viet Nam guerrilla  tactics being used in Africa.   Tactics, is what the Warlords would used and used them well they did, “Never Leave a Ranger Behind” was the chink in our amour and they used this to their advantage and we left.

At the time The Right Wing blamed Clinton for our being in Somalia and our failure. Fine.

I do not suffer fools gladly,  however, I forgave my Right Winged Countrymen and their   ignorance because  history for most of them is what you save on Tivo.

Most don’t realize it was George 41 who put US  troops in Somalia. George 41, ordered US troops in Somalia  in the same month of November, G41 lost his  presidential re-election loss.  G41 did so for a noble cause, for peace to stop the violence that had taken over Semolina.

Clinton continues the policy and the rest is in the movie BLACK HAWK DOWN. The Right Wing Orgy Commences,  Limbaugh and  Fox News are lathered up  for months.

Fast forward 10 years more or less,  G43 pays off the same warlords who were responsible for handing us our heads in Somalia, with 18 Army Rangers Dead. And the Right Wing Rubes have said nothing, their news coverage is as dry as my aunts “Private Summer”,  not to mention the Liberal Media has failed to link the dots, I guess they ran out of the fat crayons.

And what happens?  The news is still inside the box, no analysis of how we get anywhere.  We just arrive. The media does not want to  have their presidential access taken away, so the Media makes no waves. As long as the mantra is repeated “WE do everything for Fighting the War on Terror”, the Devil is pleased, the Righteous prays to the Gospel of Wealth, and the soul of non- believers are prayed for. And we all forget what we saved on
Tivo last night and just erase it in the morning because we just don’t have time to watch the past.

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Snow-Job, and  his  arrival as White House Press Secretary,  is a  stroke of genius. A Dyed in the wool believer, his service to the cause reads like GOP Mercenary. From Public Radio to FOX News , Fill-in for Rush Limbaugh and O’ Reilly. I am not mad at  Snow-Job, he gives it back as he gets it and his “Snow Balls” are the biggest in The Room.  In comparison, if McClellan and Snow-job  where captain of  ships,  McClellan was the captain of the USS Minnow and marooned in the middle of nowhere.  Whereas, Snow-Job is the captain USS Iowa and is moored quietly in Tokyo Bay just so everyone knows, “Surrender because what time is it??!!  It’s  Snow Job Time”.  Next question. Snow-Job is the smartest move the Bush Administration has  made since dis-owning Katherine Harris,  and “Kenny Boy” Lay. Shame about, “Kenny Boy” Lay, he is still G43 biggest Contributor in 2000 and no one shows up to see him off, Folks can be so….I don’t know… GOP.

Snow Job, beware of the garden path,  if you hear of an earthquake in Yorba Linda, resign and site your family for your reasons of departure because someone Yorba Linda and it’s not Poseidon.

Regardless of Party or Lack there Of.

Fight your fight, and always with your A-Game.


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Ethanol and why it’s wrong, part two

Here is an interesting article about how ethanol production might effect the commodities markets which in turn would effect the consumers.

Poor could lose out in world ethanol market
Lester Brown, the president of the Earth Policy Institute said yesterday that the increase in ethanol production around the world could one day hurt the world’s poor as foodstuffs like corn and soybeans are turned into ethanol. Brown said, “This is shaping up as competition between the 800 million people in the world that own automobiles and the 2 billion low-income people in the world, many of whom are already spending over half their income on food.”
One way the poor could be hurt, Brown said, is if the foodstuff prices rise as the commodities become more valuable. The grain-importing nations of Indonesia, Nigeria, Mexico and Egypt, are most vulnerable to an increase in prices, he said. Higher mileage vehicles, better hybrids and working cellulose ethanol production are some solutions Brown put forward.

Via [Autobloggreen]
[Source: Reuters Foundation]